CORAFOAM® High density

High density CORAFOAM® (HDU) is an innovative polyurethane substrate used for a variety of applications in the signage, theming and modeling in aerospace, composite, architectural and design industries. With its excellent workability, grain-free consistency and broad range of densities (4 lb/ft3 through 31 lb/ft3), CORAFOAM® provides solutions to craftsmen and engineers alike.

These characteristics, combined with polyurethane natural resistance to atmospheric agents, most solvents, and moisture, make CORAFOAM® polyurethane an ideal replacement for wood and other materials in signage, patternmaking, composite layup tooling, thermoforming, and prototyping applications.

Additionally, it’s resistance to mechanical stress and exceptional insulating qualities have proven it a valuable asset as a support in the cryogenic field

Download our comprehensive case study comparing CORAFOAM® vs the leading brands of HDU in terms of cell structure, strength, and manufacturing technique. Discover why CORAFOAM®, produced with DUNA’s specialized “continuous” production technique is the highest quality on the market.

CORAFOAM® Density (lb/ft³) Initial thermal conductivity at temperature °F (BTU·in/hr·ft²·°F) Parallel compressive resistance at 74°F (psi) Fire behaviour Operating temperatures (°F)
EN 1602
ASTM D1622
EN 12667
ASTM C 518
EN 826
ASTM D1621
U 40 4,0 0,2 (75°F) 83,0 N.A. -328/+176
U 60 6,0 0,2 (75°F) 148,0 N.A. -328/+176
U 80 8,0 0,2 (75°F) 230,0 N.A. -328/+176
U 100 10,0 0,2 (50°F) 290,0 DIN 4102 CLASS B3 -328/+176
U 150 15,0 0,3 (50°F) 638,0 DIN 4102 CLASS B3 -328/+176
U 200 20,0 0,4 (50°F) 1044,0 DIN 4102 Class B3 -328/+176
U 280 28,0 0,5 (50°F) 2233,0 DIN 4102 CLASS B3 -328/+176
U 310 31,0 0,5 (50°F) 2379,0 DIN 4102 CLASS B3 -328/+176