High-density polyurethane foams are the preferred materials for manufacturing large-diameter cryogenic pipe supports with an injection molding technique.

DUNA developed different families of high-density polyurethane foams, diversified in terms of reactivity, thermal conductivity values and free rise densities, in order to meet the specific requirements of different types of pipe-supports available on the market, which can vary in terms of sizes, thicknesses and manufacturing techniques.

The standard family has a medium/fast cream time. It’s designed for pipe-supports required to be obtained in a single-layer at medium/high thickness, typically ranging from 3 to 6 inches.

  • DUNAPOL® C 160
  • DUNAPOL® C 224
  • DUNAPOL® C 225
  • DUNAPOL® C 320
  • DUNAPOL® C 490

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The slow reactivity family, identified with the letter “L” has a slow cream time. It’s designed for pipe-supports manufactured in a single, monolithic part, typically ranging from 6 to 8 inches. This technique requires a slow cream-time to allow the injection of a large material quantity in a single shot, both when dispensing with a metering machine, both when pouring after mixing with a discontinuous equipment.

  • DUNAPOL® C 096 L
  • DUNAPOL® C 160 L
  • DUNAPOL® C 224 L
  • DUNAPOL® C 320 L
  • DUNAPOL® C 490 L

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Another family,  identified with the number “1” at the end of the name, is similar to the standard family in terms of mechanical and thermal properties but has a free rise density equal to the applied density. This family has been designed for free rise molds that can’t hold pressure. 

  • DUNAPOL® C 161
  • DUNAPOL® C 321

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The wide DUNAPOL® C range has been recently expanded to meet the specific challenging needs of the cold chain, marine and cryogenic industries. 

DUNAPOL® C 031 HO1 has been developed for the insulation of freezer and cooler or the production of insulating panels

For the filling of buoys and floating elements in the marine industry are now available:

  • DUNAPOL® C 035 HL
  • DUNAPOL® C 045 HL
  • DUNAPOL® C 045 HLL

DUNAPOL® C 038 HTL instead is conceived for the insulation of pipes at high temperature (up to 120°C)

Finally, for the insulation of valve, flanges and HVAC pipes in the cryogenic industries, DUNA-USA provides :

  • DUNAPOL® C 047 HO
  • DUNAPOL® C 482 B2