DUNAPOL® S  is a polyurethane system created for spray application using special equipment, in order to create an insulating layer. DUNA-USA has developed DUNAPOL® S260/1  

The spray technique is particularly popular, offering many advantages in addition to the inherent qualities of polyurethane:

  • isocyanate and polyol can be sprayed horizontally or vertically and on curved/irregular surfaces to create insulating coatings on floors/walls/ceilings/rounded tanks and containers
  • spray insulation creates a continuous coating without interruptions or thermal bridges
  • spray polyurethane systems allow a very quick application
  • the polyurethane foam immediately adheres to any surface (metal, concrete, wood, plasterboard...) avoiding the use of other adhesive materials
  • spray application reduces waste to zero, allowing the possibility for future repairs
  • our polyurethane systems allow insulating thicknesses to be decided as required (spraying one or more layers)
  • polyurethane spray application is suitable and approved for asbestos recovery by incorporation